Experience Destinations in Charleston

As soon as you set foot in Charleston you can feel history in the soles of your feet. The Revolutionary War, the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the creation of the United States Constitution all have historic ties to Charleston. Experience Destinations is here to open your eyes to the annals of history that are to be found in South Carolina. The classroom isn’t the only place to brush up on your history.

The House that History Built

The past riches of Charleston have beautifully withstood the test of time in High Battery. Here, majestic homes have been restored to their natural beauty amongst the lush gardens. Be sure that you include time to visit the Edmondston-Alston House, which is an architectural marvel built by Charles Edmondston in 1852. Here you’ll bear witness to the 19th century devotion to all things majestic, vogue, and luxurious. The dwelling has been passed down from generation to generation and still remains in the family.

The Calhoun Mansion is another historic location that’s a must-see. The mansion was originally built in 1876 by George W. Williams. Here you’ll have the pleasure of marveling at 24,000 square feet of sprawling ceilings, intricate chandeliers, wood moldings, whimsical piazzas, and a high-domed ceiling. There’s also a ballroom with a covered glass skylight inside the mansion.

Travelers who are lovers of neoclassical architecture will want to set their sights on the Nathaniel Russell House. Nathaniel Russell found love later in life and devoted his time and much of his money to building one of Charleston’s most beautiful antebellum townhomes. There are three full floors for you to explore that are loaded with interior design and architectural stunners like plasterwork ornamentation, a free-flying staircase, and symmetrically designed rooms.

Plantation Destination

There are more than a few plantation townhomes for you to take in during your stay in South Carolina. Tall oak trees will escort you to attractions such as Drayton Hall and Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens.

Admirers of Georgian-Palladian works of art should make Drayton Hall one of their first stops. Construction of the plantation home was completed in 1742 by Royal Judge John Drayton. The house has earned the prestigious honor of becoming a National Historic Landmark and is also the one and only Ashley River plantation house to remain wholly intact after both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. The house was so well-built that it has also managed to stand tall against Mother Nature’s volley of hurricanes and even an earthquake. Be sure to take a look at the beautiful river views before you leave

Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens remained with the Boone family until the year 1817. It was then that ownership was transferred over to brothers Henry and John Horlbeck before being bought by Thomas A Stone in 1935. The Avenue of Oaks is a divine entryway into the plantation and is one that is highly regarded across the globe. Don’t be surprised if you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time once you’ve laid eyes on the plantation’s historic furnishings and materials.

You might also be surprised to learn that Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens continues as a working plantation that produces a variety of fruits and vegetables such as pumpkins, strawberries, and tomatoes. These are shipped off and sold at a nearby market and are even used as ingredients in more than 30 of the fine restaurants in Charleston.

Guests of Boone Hall are treated to live presentations of Lowcountry Gullah culture and can also take a tour of the Black History in America exhibit to see original slave cabins.

Historic Activities

Those who like to interact with history rather than simply study it are sure to be impressed with the yearly Civil War reenactment hosted at Boone Hall. There are also activities such as Wine Under the Oaks and the Taste of Charleston. Make time for the Boone Hall Plantation Christmas and Boone Hall Fright Nights if you decide to head to Charleston towards the end of the year.

The smell of history is rich in the air at Middleton Place where you can walk through some of the nation’s oldest landscaped gardens. The plantation has also been honored by being listed as a National Historic Landmark.

South Carolina has its very own time machine hidden away in Charleston. Experience Destinations invites you to take a step back in time to discover America’s roots while enjoying yourself on your Southern vacation.