For a One-of-a-kind Experience, Visit Grill 225

Grill 225 boasts a variety of unique features, making it one of the top restaurants in the country. The ambiance, cuisine and drinks combine to create an experience unlike any other in Charleston, S.C.

Mouth-watering Cuisine

Located in the Market Pavilion Hotel, Grill 225 is a member of the Great Steak Houses of North American and one of the few steak houses in the country that serves 100 percent USDA Prime Beef. In addition to top quality ingredients, all of the restaurant’s beef is hand-selected and wet-aged for 42-50 days for unrivaled flavor and a texture that is unbelievably tender.

In addition to top quality beef, Grill 225 takes great pride in its fresh seafood selection. All of it comes from local and international waters and is prepared with premium ingredients, many of which are from local and sustainable sources.

Unique Cocktails

The Nitrotini is a Nitrogen-infused martini that is featured exclusively at Grill 225 and cannot be found anywhere else in Charleston. Cooled down to -320 degrees Fahrenheit and described as “dramatic, sexy and delicious,” this cocktail is always refreshingly chilled. In order to make a Nitrotini properly, the bartending staff has been specially trained in the safety, science and art of Nitrogen-infused cocktails.

Grill 225 offers a selection of 16 Nitrotini creations with a variety of interesting ingredients. A few popular and unique choices include:

Rose Petal
– Stoli Vanil vodka
– Rose Petal Nectar
– Louis Perdrier Champagne
– Edible Rose Petals

White Pear Sangria
– Absolute Pears
– St. Germain Elderflower liqueur
– Pinot Grigio

– Hendricks Gin
– Cucumber-infused Lemonade
– Garnish: Cucumber Slice

– Stoli Vanil
– Baileys
– Frangelico and Butterscotch Schnapps
– Essence of Chocolate
– Graham Cracker Rim
– Nitromallows

One-of-a-kind Experience

Located in the City Market area, Grill 225 has an upscale ambiance and a rooftop bar with a stunning view. Presentation is paramount to the staff, which shows in every aspect of the service, menu, cocktails and atmosphere. The wait staff is consistently commended by patrons for their charming and attentive 5-star service.

Whether you are on vacation in Charleston or you are looking for an unforgettable place to have a special date or celebration, Grill 225 is a dining experience that is without equal.