Southern Charm in South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina is arguably the epitome of Southern old-world charm with a modern twist.  While it is often overlooked as a world-class destination, the city boasts historic neighborhoods, fine dining, and luxury shopping.

Considering consumer experience associated with service, Charleston promotes a classic Southern culture that respects and delivers a high-sense of hospitality.

See Colonial and Southern History in Downtown Charleston 

Charleston has numerous historic mansions within easy walking distance of the city center, some of which date back to the 1700s.  In addition, Charleston also provides tourists a chance to learn more about colonial history with various tours and museums.  Ghost tours in Charleston can portray classic American history in a different way.  Instead of focusing on dates and artifacts, Charleston tours can give people a chance to learn about what life was like a few centuries ago by providing detailed accounts of personal affairs and social events.  Charleston by in large has not been overly renovated.  It is easy to walk around narrow streets and see historic buildings that are still in use as restaurants, hotels, or private homes.  Part of what makes the historical charm of Charleston even more alluring is the mix of modern fashion, shopping, and fine dining alongside historic landmarks.

Enjoy Yourself in a City with a Slower Pace

One of the top reasons to visit Charleston, South Carolina is to experience a different way of living in the United States.  Like most parts of the South, Charleston has a distinctive culture. Little things such as clarifying if travelers would prefer sweet or “un-sweet” tea can help make a good vacation exceptional, as these small details allow tourists from all over the world to rest and relax as their every need is accommodated for.  The people in Charleston arguably represent some of the best quintessential Southern culture in the entire region.  Travelers looking for a place to unwind can sip iced tea, enjoy find dining, go shopping, and walk along the boardwalk.  Many people unfamiliar with Southern culture might not recognize how different the South is from the rest of the United States.  Charleston is one of the best places in the United States to experience a different culture in an enjoyable setting.

See Nearby Beaches and Unique Historical Attractions

Downtown Charleston is a short drive away from the beach, as well as a few other notable attractions.  Many tourists can appreciate walking along a picturesque beach or taking some time to relax under the sun.  A few unique historical attractions are listed below:

  • The USS Yorkton in Charleston Harbor

The USS Yorkton is also a short drive from downtown.  The battleship has been turned into a phenomenal museum.  Instead of looking at historical artifacts behind glass, the USS Yorkton allows guests to crawl through the ship at their leisure to experience history first-hand.  Guests should expect low ceilings, tight companion ways, and a phenomenal way to see what it must have been like to man the Yorktown.  A retired submarine is also available for guests to explore.  Instead of hearing about how difficult life on a submarine was, guests can see how small and claustrophobic living on a submarine must have been.

  • Fort Sumter National Monument

Harbor tours are also available for travelers that are interested in exploring Fort Sumter National Monument, which is only accessible by boat.  Fort Sumter has also remained relatively untouched.  Tour Fort Sumter to gain a better understanding of what warfare was like during the Civil War.  The historical integrity of the fort has remained highly intact.

Relax, Learn, Experience, Enjoy

Charleston is the ideal place to visit when looking for a vacation destination that offers something for everyone, from the fashionista to the history buff.  Instead of running in circles, enjoy yourself when visiting Charleston, South Carolina.