Downtown Dining in Charleston

Dining is half of the vacation experience. Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill offers a dining experience unlike any other. They work with local, humane ranches and farms to provide the highest quality food for their guests. With each item that they bring in, nearly everything is sent back to their local farms for composting. Quality is important to Burwell’s. When the best ingredient options are not available, they will not appear on Burwell’s menu.

The menu details alone will make your mouth water, and will send your senses longing for the taste of one of their flavorful steaks. Choose from a variety of meats cooked over a 1400 degree wood-fire grill to enhance the delicious flavors. Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill works hard to ensure that each item on their menu is appropriate for all types of guests. Just like most jewelry companies offer education on purchasing a diamond. Burwell’s educates their customers on the step-by-step process for creating the perfect steak experience. Every detail is mapped out. From the grade of the steak to the stone/pan that it is cooked in, Burwell’s has the knowledge to provide the highest quality steak to satisfy their guests savory pallet.

Not only is the food exquisite, but so is the atmosphere. Choose from a variety of spaces when planning your visit to Burwell’s. The Patio offers a vibrant, comfortable escape in the middle of the downtown Charleston area. If you are looking to host a business meeting, wine tasting, community function, or private party/special event the Patio at Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill is the perfect place for you!  The Patio has the option to seat 28 guests. If you want a more lounge-like experience, you have the option to entertain up to 36 guests.

Are you getting married in the Charleston area? Let the Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill host your rehearsal dinner! The banquet room offers the ultimate dining experience for you and your guests. Your reception will kick-off with a private bar reception with your choice of beverages, and then it will transition into a sit down or lounge experience depending on your preferences. You have the option to invite up to 34 guests for a private engagement, or 66 guests for a semiprivate experience.

Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill conveniently placed the Wine Room in the heart of the restaurant. This space is designed to create a comfortable, home-like experience for their guests. You have the option to keep the private lounge setting, or you can have the staff transform it to resemble an elegant residential dining room.

Burwell’s works diligently to provide the highest quality experience for each guest. Please review Burwell’s website to explore all of your dining options.